Tuesday, 27 March 2018

My Hero Academia, Volume 1 by Kohei Horikoshi Review

Kids with superpowers go to superhero school to be taught by existing superheroes how to be superheroes. So it’s the X-Men? Yup. Except way shittier! And that’s My Hero Academia! Boo! I give it an F! 

It really is that derivative, at least going by this first volume. Creator/writer/artist Kohei Horikoshi basically rips off the X-Men. He calls mutations/superpowers “quirks” in a feeble attempt to make it seem less blatant but that’s about the only thing different he brings to the table. 

This first volume introduces us to our bland protagonist who doesn’t have superpowers but has a heroic heart - and that’s what matters youse guys, snore… - who, after a random act of bravery, gets picked by this world’s Superman, All Might (stupid name), to be his successor. Why? Reasons we’ll probably find out in later volumes. Very unsatisfying. 

After the generic superhero fights between equally generic and forgettably designed superhero/supervillain characters, come the still more generic training scenes as our protagonist undergoes months of physical exercise because All Might’s powers in his existing frame would kill him or something. Even though All Might in his true form is as skinny and weak as our protagonist is. So it doesn’t make any sense and that block of pages is pointless filler. Garbage. 

At Xavier’s Academy, I mean, “UA”, the dull cast is expanded with even more bland, unimaginative, archetypal characters like the contrived rival who hates the protagonist for no reason, the obvious love interest, and the tough but kindly instructors. Wrap up the terrible writing and awful storytelling with standard manga art and you’ve got a steaming pile of cliched, predictable nothing. 

My Hero Academia hasn’t got any clever observations on the superhero genre, nor any fresh takes, original ideas or even an entertaining story - it’s just an uninteresting, badly conceived/executed, tedious X-Men knockoff. My, what an overrated boring manga series!

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