Sunday, 18 March 2018

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 2: Revelations Review (Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez)

Miles and a newly-resurrected Peter Parker take on a newly-resurrected Green Goblin - AGAIN! - before Miles finds out his girlfriend Katie Bishop’s “shocking” family secret. And speaking of secret, Secret Wars abruptly puts an end to this series, forcing Brian Bendis to awkwardly slam the brakes on his (admittedly absolute shite) storylines. Ta-da…

Revelations is definitely the worst Miles Morales book of them all – so glad I finished on it rather than started otherwise I might’ve been put off bothering with the far better other volumes! 

I couldn’t believe Bendis rehashed the rubbish Spider-Men/Goblin encounter from the last book to open this one. Is there a stronger indicator of how bereft of ideas he was at this point than that? It wasn’t good then and it wasn’t good now and it was EXACTLY THE SAME both times! Nobody needed to see Ultimate Peter Parker formally hand over the web-shooters to Miles either, especially given the slate-clearing at the end of this book. And the explanation for Peter coming back from the dead was as asinine as it gets. 

Speaking of irrelevancies, I really didn’t care about what Miles’ dad got up to as a yoof. Kingpin, Fury, SHIELD, whatever. Boring drek to say the least and David Marquez’s art during this sequence was unusually muddy as hell for no reason (because it was a flashback?). 

No idea what the point of Katie’s secret was – it wasn’t for entertainment value – and the two robo Spider-Men thing that was a worthless afterthought from the last book? Turns out to be a worthless afterthought in this book! I don’t know why Bendis bothered if they were that useless. Something’s gotta fill up them pages, I suppose. 

And then Secret Wars puts the kibosh on the series and the Ultimate Universe as a thing rather unceremoniously! The ending, like the rest of this book, was rushed, unsatisfying and deeply uninteresting. 

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, Volume 2: Revelations was fucking awful. Pointless, boring, nonsensical, water-treading drivel from start to finish; if you’re after quality Miles Morales comics, check out the pre-Cataclysm stuff (Bendis’ first run with the character) and ignore everything after it.

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  1. I hate to say it, mate. But Miles doesn't get better after Secret Wars.