Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Volume 3 Review (Brian Michael Bendis, Nico Leon)

It’s time for another edition of Brian Bendis Attempts To Obliterate My Interest in Miles Morales! In (good grief) Volume 3, the increasingly uninspired writer finds the laziest pseudo-storylines on which to hang his copious amounts of uninteresting, soapy melodrama!

Miles’ freshly-resurrected Ma finds out (again, as she doesn’t remember her pre-death life) that her son is Spider-Man and her hubby’s a SHIELD agent… zzz... Bombshell thinks Miles fancies her because he beat up Hammerhead for hospitalising her. What should he have done, bought him flowers? Also Miles randomly goes to Japan to play at being James Bond for no reason, taking on an Inhuman Yakuza boss. What the jeffin jeff, Bendis… 

So little happens (yet again) in this book I found myself wondering about irrelevant things like what on earth Goldballs - Bendis’ Uncanny X-Men character who can make, yes, gold balls appear from thin air - is even doing here. It’s not like Goldballs added anything (besides the same predictably unfunny and repetitive balls jokes that are always made around this character) or even had a storyline of his own, he’s just… there! Why??

One small thing I did appreciate was Bendis making Hammerhead’s motivations for hospitalising Bombshell understandable from his perspective. He’s meant to be this badass mob enforcer - why wouldn’t he shut down any and all challengers, especially teenage girls with explosion powers? It’s just rare to see writers go that extra mile to show things from the baddies’ point of view. 

Szymon Kudranski’s noirish art on the first issue was really impressive and stylish so it’s disappointing that he didn’t get to draw the rest of the book. And, like I said about the previous volume, Bendis can write an easy-to-read and accessible book, it’s just a shame that because there’s no story behind it all that it’s so instantly forgettable. 

Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Volume 3 is unfortunately more of the same pointless low-quality crap that is the post-Secret Wars Spider-Miles comics.

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