Thursday, 8 March 2018

Spider-Men Review (Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli)

Because bullhonky, Mysterio somehow creates a device that opens a portal to the Ultimates universe where (I think 616-Universe) Peter Parker gets zapped and meets Miles Morales aka Ultimate Spider-Man. They have some conveniently book-sized ‘ventures before the status quo is reinstated. And that’s Spider-Men. Any good? Nah. NEXT! 

I loves me some Miles Morales comics and even though his creators, the Bendyman and the Pitcher-laydee, reunite to helm this one, it just felt hopelessly contrived and pointless. Sara Pichelli’s art is super awesome and the scene where Peter meets Ultimate-universe May, Gwen and MJ was surprisingly moving and beautifully written, though, my word, Brian Bendis is milking the hell out of Ultimate PP’s death, ain’t he? Gawd, enough already, dude! 

Most of the book is a run-through of tiresome superhero comics cliches that couldn’t have been more dull to read: the two stupidly fight when they first meet, they stupidly fight the villain at the end, and the whole crossover is predictably irrelevant. The ending is an unsatisfying cop-out too. 

Spider-Men is spider crap! My shitty-comics-senses are tingling - I suspect there be no more good Miles Morales/Bendis comics left!

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