Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Who Is Jake Ellis? Review (Nathan Edmondson, Tonci Zonjic)

Ever see The Bourne Identity, Matt Damon’s first Jason Bourne movie from 2002? Good wasn’t it? Yeah, I think Nathan Edmondson liked it too because he’s basically replicated it with Who Is Jake Ellis? 

Jon Moore is a secret agent who was experimented on in some mysterious location called The Facility. He has no memory of what was done to him and he’s on the run in Europe with various government organisations like the American CIA after him. He’s gotta use his superhero action movie skills to evade them all, fighting assassins as he travels across Europe, before bringing the fight back to The Facility to find answers. 

It’s exactly the same as The Bourne Identity - the exotic locations, the non-stop action, there’s even an identical scene where assassins gunfight in a field! The only slight tweak Edmondson made to his retelling of the movie is the inclusion of Jake Ellis, a shadowy all-knowing figure only visible by Jon, who guides and keeps him one step ahead of his adversaries. The question is the title: who is Jake Ellis? The answer, like everything here that veers away from the action, is underwhelming and forgettable.

Tonci Zonjic’s art is fine but nothing special, which is how I’d describe Nathan Edmondson’s writing as well. This comic really is the most generic modern-day spy/action story. And yet, as mindless and superficial as it is, it’s well-executed, readable and entertaining enough - I couldn’t believe how unoriginal it was but I was never bored. If you’re after a perfectly decent action comic and nothing more, Who Is Jake Ellis? fits the bill to a T.

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