Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Losers, Volume 1: Ante Up Review (Andy Diggle, Jock)

I tried watching The Losers movie twice before and gave up quickly each time for the same reason why I gave up trying to read the comic once before: it comes off as the most bland, generic actioner EVER. Having forced myself to read this first volume of the comic I can confirm that, yup, it most definitely is that!

A team of rogue, er, special ops peeps (I honestly have no idea, nor care!) decide to wage war on the CIA for being corrupt douchebags. Whatever. 

The Losers, Volume 1: Ante Up reads like the bargain basement version of Mission: Impossible that it is, complete with the obligatory computer hacking scenes, car chases, gun fights, a double agent betrayal, and ‘splosions, so many unexciting ‘splosions. 

Worse than the boring story are the utterly dull characters, all of whom are personality vacuums doing their best Dirty Harry impressions. Aside from the corny and irritating mouthy one, I couldn’t tell any one of them apart without the visual element. Seriously, when the “betrayal” happens, I swear there’s another dude so exactly like him on the team, maybe even two, that I hadn’t realised until that moment that they weren’t the same person! 

I loved Jock’s art which is very sharp, exciting and dynamic - it’s just a shame that it’s in service to this drab nothing of a story. The Losers, Volume 1: Ante Up is a shallow, flat, and absolutely forgettable comic full of unoriginal, unimaginative, pointless action for the sake of it - the only one losing out here is the reader!

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