Monday, 15 January 2018

Aquaman: Kingdom Lost Review (John Arcudi, Patrick Gleason)

Aquaman: Kingdom Lost is the third volume of the Sub-Diego storyline though that useful information isn’t mentioned anywhere on this book so good job, DC Marketing! That said, while Sub-Diego was just a mediocre comic (which, by Aquaman standards, instantly makes it a contender for “classic” status!), I’d recommend readers not to bother with Kingdom Lost as it is shiiiiiiiiiiit! 

The awful writer John Arcudi takes over from Will Pfeiffer and instantly sinks any potential quality that previously existed. There’s no story, just a series of go-nowhere pitiful storylines that fail to link up in any way. San Diego is still underwater. Aquaman fights a giant alligator-esque sea monster. Black Manta’s given gills while Mera’s given lungs by sea sorcerers – not sure why on both counts or who the sea sorcerers are or how they got Mera! Black Manta’s also trying to stir up race riots in Sub-Diego in one particularly unpleasant dead-end subplot. Aquaman cheats on Mera with some bimbo called Esther for no reason – it doesn’t seem in character for Arthur. Oh and Aquaman has a twentysomething Polynesian son?! 

There’s more drivel: Arthur has to fight a nobody called Geist, the scientist dude from the first book does something and there’s an utterly pointless Infinite Crisis crossover. And why not have The Spectre show up to smash Atlantis for no reason?! This tripe is all over the shop and it’s an absolute nightmare of a mess to read! Patrick Gleason draws the opening issue and the covers but the art is otherwise unimpressive. 

If you’re a fan of old Aquapants, you could do worse than check out Sub-Diego, but definitely don’t bother with this worthless addition to that storyline. I can see why DC chose to market Sub-Diego as a standalone book – besides the setting, Kingdom Lost has almost nothing to do with it! There isn’t anything good about Kingdom Lost. It’s simply a shipwreck of a comic. Thanks John Arcudi, you talentless hack!

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