Saturday, 20 January 2018

Ice Cream Man #1 Review (W. Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo)

Rick is an old-fashioned ice cream man out to serve as many happy customers as possible. What’s your favourite flavour - vanilla, chocolate? He’ll serve it up to you lickety split! 

J/K, LOL! Of course that’s not what this series is about - would anyone publish anything so mundane? But I went into Ice Cream Man #1 not knowing a single thing about the title or what to expect and I think that worked in its favour because I really enjoyed the surprises. So, I’m going to keep this review as vague as possible for potential readers to get the most out of it like I did. 

W. Maxwell Prince’s writing is perfectly measured and understated - not over-or-underwritten - and I liked Martin Morazzo’s art a lot, which I’d never seen before. It reminded me a lot of Frank Quitely’s style and that dude is one of my favourite comics artists of all time so that’s definitely a massive plus for this comic! 

Who Rick turned out to secretly be was the only let-down for me. Once you figure out what style of series this comic is, Rick’s “real” appearance is disappointingly generic and underwhelming, though I’m sure it’s meant to be more... than it is (eh? I’m not telling - keepin’ it as inscrutable as poss!). 

Otherwise, the little details about Rick - his seemingly magical ice-cream powers and bizarre ad playing on the TV in the kid’s house - are intriguing and add to the comic’s overall mystique. 

I’ve got a vague idea of what this series is shaping up to be but I’d need to read more to know for sure - and I’m definitely coming back for a second scoop after this very entertaining first issue! 

Though it’s not doing anything especially original, Ice Cream Man is still one of Image’s most interesting new titles in some time purely for telling a compelling story well. If you’re after a comic that’s definitely not vanilla, give it a taste! Lickety split…

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