Monday, 30 October 2017

Superman vs. Predator Review (David Michelinie, Alex Maleev)

Superman vs. Predator should be a more fun read than it is. I mean, I expected Superman to be depowered instantly (which he is) because if he weren’t, it’d be the quickest of fights but I hoped to be more entertained than I was. As it is, this book is unfortunately a tedious and overlong bore of a read.

A Nazi-esque eugenics-obsessed scientist focused on wiping out anyone with a physical/mental defect is operating his doomsday device out of the Central/South American jungle (similar to where the first Predator movie was set) - Superman, (a) Predator and the rest of the human cast drearily stumble around against this backdrop in what could barely be called a story. 

Nothing much that happened was really that compelling or surprising which is why it failed to hold my attention. As always seems to be the case with these kinds of crossovers, Superman and Predator don’t get much time in the spotlight and get annoyingly sidelined by a cast of forgettable, disposable human characters. The “vs” aspect is literally two brief fight scenes between them which were underwhelming at best. 

I guess it’s competently written, it’s just not interesting to read. Alex Maleev’s art is pretty good for the most part though he does make Superman look a bit Down’s Syndrome-y in a few panels. On the whole, Superman vs. Predator is a disappointingly weak and dull crossover - nothing to see here!

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