Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Batman: Dark Knight, Dark City Review (Peter Milligan, Kieron Dwyer)

I haven’t been reading Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Metal (I will though) but apparently their story, kinda like Grant Morrison’s Batman RIP and The Black Casebook, takes inspiration from all sorts of random DC comics from the past like this stinker from 1990, Peter Milligan’s Dark Knight, Dark City. And I bet it’s the flimsiest of connections too like the demon Barbathos who appears in this book shows up in one scene in Metal or something.

Riddler sets Batman an immensely convoluted and dull plan to summon the demon Barbathos. Why? Stuff and nonsense, that’s why! Spliced throughout are pointless flashbacks to the days of the Founding Fathers when residents of the Gotham township tried doing the same thing - and succeeded, duh duh duuuuh! It doesn’t matter though because nothing happens in either storyline.

It’s such a boring read and Kieron Dwyer’s art is equally unimpressive. The volume closes out with a stupid issue about Bruce not being Batman - it’s not even worth talking about any further than that, it just sucks. The Mike Mignola covers are cool - I’ll give the book one star for those - but otherwise there’s not a single positive about this one. It’s deservedly a forgotten Batman book. 

From what I’ve heard, Dark Nights: Metal is worth a read whether you’re a fan of Snyder/Capullo’s Batman stuff or just want to see how kerazy it apparently is, but you definitely don’t need to read up on this drek before-or-after-hand.

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