Thursday, 19 October 2017

Superman: Camelot Falls, Volume 1 Review (Kurt Busiek, Carlos Pacheco)

Kurt Busiek’s written a couple of great Superman books but unfortunately Camelot Falls ain’t one of them! 

A 17th century wizard time-travels to the present to warn Superman that the future is grim if he keeps up being heroic. In a totally unconnected subplot, Supes has to punch a crappy Doomsday-knockoff before having to fight an even more one-dimensional baddie called Khyber. Deeeerivel? Yope – drivel indeed!

Busiek writes a great Lois and Clark and their characters were spot on in that opening chapter. They’re likeable, charming and real. And Carlos Pacheco’s art, while not distinctive, was suitably slick and shiny for a Superman book.

The story though is a badly put-together, rushed mess. No part of it is remotely interesting nor do the various strands seem connected. All three of Superman’s arbitrary enemies in this one are underwritten and forgettable, the action and visions of the future are dull and clichĂ©d, and I couldn’t have cared less about Superman’s “dilemma”.

Camelot Falls is a boring failure through and through. Instead, I recommend checking out Busiek’s far better Superman books Secret Identity and Up, Up and Away!

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