Friday, 13 October 2017

Batman: Bride of the Demon Review (Mike Barr, Tom Grindberg)

BLEURGH! Nothing to see here guys, move on, really. I thought I’d turned a corner with Mike Barr’s Batman comics after being pleasantly surprised with both The Wrath and Son of the Demon - and then I read Bride of the Demon. And while it’s not as offensively bad as Year Two, it’s still absolute garbage. 

Ra’s Al-Ghul and the Ozone Layer - Barr barely attempts to connect the two into something resembling a plot but completely fails so forget that noise! Instead, here’s a bunch of unrelated boring rubbish to fill up space instead: a dull scientist and his brat, Ra’s and an actress (she’s the “bride” of the title - Ra’s wants her to give him an heir because I guess Talia’s not penis-y enough?), and Talia and Batman’s corny relationship. Faaaaaarrrrttt. And that’s Bride of the Demon. 

The writing is amateurish at best, the story incoherent, and the most memorable thing about this crap is Tim Drake log rolling Batman’s giant penny - that’s how retarded things get! The art is shit (shart?) and Barr completely fails to explain how Lazarus Pits work. In one case it resurrects the dead, in another it makes the old young again, and in other instances it outright kills. Brilliant. So it’s whatever the plot needs it to be! Contrived nonsense. 

If you want to see what vomit looks like as a Batman comic, check out Bride of the Demon, otherwise don’t bother and I applaud your superior life choices to mine!

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