Monday, 16 January 2017

Letter 44, Volume 4: Saviors Review (Charles Soule, Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque)

In the midst of war and potential alien invasion, President Blades must make a difficult choice on behalf of the human race. Meanwhile the crew of the Clarke join forces with the alien Builders in an attempt to thwart the incoming hostiles. 

It happens to every series sooner or later: Letter 44 hits the wall with its first mediocre book in Volume 4: Saviors. Not that I disliked it but not enough happens here and what does unfolds far too slowly. 

Gomez and Pritchard’s origins were interesting and I liked Drum’s storyline to begin with when he lands in DC and reveals to Blades the fate of humanity. Then Charles Soule basically treads water for the rest of the book. Carroll continues to be a static heel, Drum’s confessional story was boring and pointless, and barely anything happens between the crew of the Clarke and the Builders besides some squabbling over baby Astra. 

Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque’s amorphous art style continues to impress and Soule does just enough to keep the wheels turning, but I wasn’t nearly as gripped reading this book as I was the previous three. I’m still interested in seeing where the overall story is going but Saviors is definitely the weakest volume in the series so far.

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