Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Cannibal, Volume 1 Review (Brian Buccellato, Jennifer Young)

An infectious virus is sweeping North America transforming its victims into hungry, flesh-eating cannibals and the small Florida town of Willow is about to experience its first outbreak. Cash and Jolene are young lovers but one morning Jolene disappears - did she run off or was she taken by a cannibal? Or has she been infected…

Cannibal’s a decent zombie-esque comic. The story feels a little thin and the characters aren’t exceptional but it’s an ok read. 

I liked that it’s a different take on the zombie concept. The victims aren’t mindless, they’re aware of what they’re doing; they just have no control over it. They must attack/feed even though they don’t want to, they’re just ordinary folk, and you can see the horror in their eyes as much as their victims - it adds a whole new level of terror! 

You get a strong sense of place, a good flavour of Southern America in Willow. The story is well-told and at times exciting like when a group of them go hunting the first cannibal. Matias Bergara’s art looks great as well - it’s very Greg Capullo-esque if you’re a Batman fan. 

It’s not the most impressive story though. Not enough is happening to be very engaging and the mystery of the missing girlfriend - did a cannibal get her? - is not especially compelling to fill a whole book. I was just about interested enough to keep going but not much more than that. The ending though is pretty good so I’ll come back for the second volume. 

Cannibal is like a lesser version of Southern Bastards with better art and a slight zombie angle to it. It might be worth checking out if you’re a zombie fan but don’t expect much going in as it’s not going to knock anyone’s socks off.

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