Saturday, 14 January 2017

Chew, Volume 11: Last Suppers Review (John Layman, Rob Guillory)

By Chew Volume 10 I’d gotten fed up with the series because John Layman was more concerned with spinning his wheels than getting on with the story he’d set up way back when. Now that the series is over, I can finish out the final two volumes without any delays in between. I went into Volume 11: Last Suppers, not expecting much and that’s pretty much what I got!

The good news is Layman is getting the fuck on with things finally. We’re no closer to understanding the fire skywriting (come ON!) but we’re inching closer to the reveal of what went on with the lethal avian flu. Tony grudgingly teams up with Mason who shows him some strange things as well as his tragic backstory. 

It’s amazing to me though that this is the penultimate book and Layman’s still filling it up with extraneous nonsense. The EGG terrorists and the Divinity of the Immaculate Ova continue to do one-dimensional bad guy stuff, Toni’s giving us a tour of Heaven for no reason, Olive’s doing some throwaway government work, there are more stupid foodie powers introduced (FFS, enough already!), and Chu and Colby investigate some inconsequential cases. There’s also a crap Chew/Revival crossover included. 

Maybe Chew is an example of a writer losing interest in the story he originally set up but is contractually obligated to complete? It’s still very frustrating as a once big fan of the title. Rob Guillory’s art is always awesome and the Tony/Mason storyline was good, but too much of this volume felt like needless padding. 

Oh well, only one more volume to go at least! It’s disappointing that I’m not more excited about it but this title’s quality has really gone downhill these last few books, and Last Suppers is only slightly better than the previous, worst volume of the series.

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