Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Giant Days, Volume 5 Review (John Allison, Max Sarin)

As their first year at university ends, the girls prepare for summer. Daisy goes on an archaeological dig and encounters a mean professor, Esther and Ed take a job from Dean Thompson that seems too good to be true (and of course is), and Susan’s still not over McGraw. They reunite for an extremely muddy music festival before moving into their new place ready for the second year - if only their furniture weren’t held together by glue!

Giant Days is still the jizz. It’s amazing how much John Allison crams into these relatively small volumes but they’re all killer, no filler! I loved all the stories without exception. I love how the characters are progressing with Daisy standing up for herself at the dig, to Esther and Ed’s will they/won’t they romance becoming briefly, dangerously will they, to Susan’s nefarious Northampton past rearing its fire-breathing face once more, this time in the form of The Cowboy! 

Max Sarin’s art is the perfect amount of silliness to match Allison’s happy-go-lucky scripts, and the pages are beautiful throughout. Without telling you how much I enjoyed every little detail, I’ll leave it here. Each new volume of Giant Days is like a comfort blanket for my head and heart - John Allison somehow never lets me down! The fifth volume continues the improbably high quality of this magnificent series - can’t wait to see how the gang do in their second year!

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