Sunday, 22 January 2017

Aquaman, Volume 7: Exiled Review (Cullen Bunn, Trevor McCarthy)

Can cities have evil twins? Apparently Atlantis does! A city called Thule is emerging from the shadow realm into our world, destroying Atlantis in the process. So why is Aquaman fighting on Thule’s side??

New 52 Lobo writer Cullen Bunn took over Aquaman for one volume only before being rightly kicked off - Exiled is another pongy Aqua-turd! 

Aquaman doesn’t act like Aquaman in this comic. He starts killing Atlantean guards from the very beginning, gutting them with his trident - what the fuck, Arthur?! We find out it’s because he’s exiled for taking a nuanced perspective to this Thule problem but it’s not really a problem. He could’ve taken the “good” people from Thule to Atlantis, then proceeded to destroy the incursion with the “evil” people left behind right from the start. But that would’ve been a much-shorter-than-book-length story so we get the strung-out tedious version instead. 

Exiled is a boring, stupid story full of pointless action and unengaging scenes, characters blathering dull dialogue and goopy, unappealing art throughout. On Twitter Aquafans reacted poorly to Bunn taking over from Jeff Parker (whose own run was similarly appalling) but they were right to demand DC get him off the book. Hopefully Dan Abnett can rescue this drowning series in the next volume - at this point Aquaman’s got nowhere to go but up!

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