Thursday, 13 November 2014

Wytches #2 Review (Scott Snyder, Jock)

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big… yawn!

Scott Snyder’s Wytches continues to have a surprisingly leaden story in this second issue. The series follows Sailor, a troubled young girl living in a house surrounded by wytch-infested trees. Her father writes and draws a popular children’s book while her mother is a former healthcare professional who was put in a wheelchair after a car accident.

Not a whole lot happens in this issue: Sailor was bitten by a wytch which causes her to have nightmarish flashbacks while swimming in school. Her father and uncle have a chat about stuff. Her mother remains a non-character. Some more wytches show up. There are even more uninteresting flashbacks full of exposition. Something bad happens to her dad at the end. That’s about it!

For a guy who predominantly writes horror (American Vampire, Severed, The Wake, Batman), Wytches is disappointingly bland. “Disturbing” flashbacks and occasional glimpses of “scary” wytches don’t cut it, and the characters’ lives in between are so dull.

The series reads like a bad network TV show and there’s none of Snyder’s brilliance that we’ve seen in several other books. On the other hand, Jock’s art is great and Matt Hollingsworth’s splatter-tastic colouring remain the best part of Wytches.

I was excited for the series before its release but, having read two issues, it’s shaping up to be a far less thrilling story than I’d hoped for. Wytches #2 is a duller issue to the mediocre first with little to recommend it.

Wytches #2

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