Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1 Review (Peter Milligan, Cary Nord)

Towards the beginning of this issue, the Eternal Warrior says that he’s tired with all of the fighting and, before it’s over, you will be too! 

The Eternal Warrior is Gilad Anni-Padda, Earth’s champion who receives commands through the Geomancer and fights whoever because the planet said so. He doesn’t know why, all he knows is that he’s part of a larger plan. 

The last Eternal Warrior series I read, he was the Eternal Emperor some 3000 years in the future but for this miniseries, Days of Steel, Gilad is back in the past, somewhere in eastern Europe in the middle ages caught in a conflict between the Franks and the Magyars. 

After centuries of pointless bloodshed all over the world, Gilad’s tired of being the Earth’s sword and decides to walk the land by himself like a moody git. That is until the Geomancer, in the form of a bird, tells him that it’s of vital importance he save the Franks from the Magyars as a baby will be born who is to be the savior. 

For no reason then, Gilad decides to stop being the grump and become the Earth’s champion yet again! And that’s what this series looks like it’s going to be: Gilad protecting a baby. Yawn. 

Peter Milligan’s script is about as unchallenging and dull as you’d expect if you’ve read his Shadowman series. It’s a straightforward tale with zero interesting characters, a plot that feels recycled, and art that looks like it was dashed together at breakneck speed by Cary Nord (though I will say the blood moon panel was quite nice). 

Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1 is a weak start to what looks to be a wholly uninteresting storyline. It’s going to be Gilad slicing at faceless goons until the pages run out and even for fantasy/historical action lovers there’s precious little on offer here. I never thought I’d say it but, bring back Greg Pak! This comic is forgettable and boring - don’t bother.

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