Sunday, 9 November 2014

Vs Aliens by Yu Suzuki Review

Highschooler Kitaro is approached by his frantic classmate Aya with some startling news - the prettiest girl in school, Sana, is an alien!! Once Aya, the only one who can see the aliens, witnesses the beginning of an alien invasion, the three go on the run - but the greys know about Aya’s ability and the chase is on! 

Vs Aliens is a farce, as in the dramatic genre use of the word, though you only realise this once it gets to the end. Up until then, Yu Suzuki keeps you guessing, throwing curveball after curveball at you. Are the aliens real? Is Sana an alien - is Aya, or Kitaro? Is it all made up - if so, why? Etc. 

Suzuki’s art is a very generic manga style, and the writing and plotting is fairly simplistic which tells me its probably aimed at teen readers - one of the themes is teenage crushes. This is also the kind of book where the journey makes up for the end, because you’re invested in the story and you genuinely don’t know how things’ll turn out but when you see what it was all building up to - in essence, a super lame punchline - you’ll be surprised at how ridiculous it all is. 

The overall lightness of the story brings down the book but it’s definitely an enjoyable read whose mystery holds the attention all the way through. Vs Aliens isn’t the deepest or most memorable of mangas, but it’s a fun, quick read for all ages.

Vs Aliens

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