Friday, 23 August 2013

Superman: Infinite City by Mike Kennedy and Carlos Meglia Review

A criminal using advanced futuristic tech in Metropolis is stopped by Superman who, with Lois, tracks the weaponry to a remote truckstop in the desert. The plot thickens as the truckstop appears abandoned but, like the Mary Celeste, the food is still warm and the place looks like it was recently habited. A doorway out back teleports the two into a distant world where magic and science both co-exist and the mayor is a robot claiming to possess the consciousness of Jor-El, Superman's father!

Writer Mike Kennedy is best known for his work on futuristic comics like Star Wars, Aliens Vs Predator, and Aeon Flux, so it's no surprise to see his Superman take incorporating futuristic elements that make up Infinite City. It's also strange to see that in a Superman and Lois book, both characters are essentially put in a supporting role while a new cast of characters - all of whom only feature in this book - take centre stage. Expecting a Superman book and getting a story of boring, new one-off characters I didn't care about is why I wasn't very fond of Superman: Infinite City.

That and the weird story of the powerplays between different factions in Infinite City. It makes sense up to a point with one group trying to have portals that open up to Earth, while the other opposes it, and then it falls apart in the third act, becoming a convoluted confusion of plot threads I didn't care enough about to try and sort through. Carlos Meglia's art isn't bad but looks a lot like a Disney cartoon and relies too much on shiny computer graphics.

Superman: Infinite City is a pretty dull story that doesn't entertain much nor has much else going for it. If you're wondering why you've not heard of this Superman book, that's why.

Superman Infinite City

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