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Justice League of America, Vol 1: World's Most Dangerous by Geoff Johns and David Finch Review

Evil but bland corporate stooge Amanda Waller puts together a team to fight the Justice League after she sees Superman and Wonder Woman smooching, thinking Wonder Woman will coerce Superman to take over the world. Dopey Steve Trevor and Amanda put together a team they believe is the World’s Most Dangerous: Hawkman, Katana, Vibe, Star Girl, Green Arrow, J’onn J’onzz the Martian Manhunter, a Green Lantern, and Catwoman. The only one who could be called the World’s Most Dangerous is J’onn, the others are a joke. You know how dangerous these morons are? They get taken out by something called The Shaggy Man in issue #4 – how the hell are they a credible challenge for Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and the rest of the JL?

Why would these random individuals work together as a team? Geoff Johns gives us the barest of reasons for each, none of which make any sense. Also, half of the Justice League of America aren’t American. But that’s par for the course with this book, all of it is completely arbitrary and stupid.

Geoff Johns brings his Z-game to the series and, after presenting us with the uninspired lineup, gives us cornball dialogue throughout, my favourite of which is a line from Steve Trevor who says “I’m not a sellout. I’m the guy who rebels against authority!”. Amazing. I keep hoping this will be his catchphrase as it makes me laugh so much (and his expression when he says it!) but he only says it the once.

The plot is absolute nonsense – there’s some rubbish about the JLA hunting down something called the Secret Society but the last two issues in the book are Parts 2 and 4 of Trinity War where the Justice League teams are fighting one another over a Damien Hirst-like skull called Pandora’s Box in a new nonsensical storyline. Trinity War is a whole other barrel of crap that’s also not worth your time but the pieces included here only further serve to confound the reader as the missing parts (1 and 3) aren’t included.

The characters are all unlikeable, the story is flimsy and dumb, Johns’ writing is among the worst I’ve ever read by him, and David Finch’s art is very scratchy and poor while his depiction of Catwoman is outright horrible.

New 52 JLA is simply the worst comic of 2013.


I’ve been writing about the New 52 Justice League of America for another site since the title launched in February so rather than repeat myself here, if you’re interested in a detailed breakdown of the book, you can check out the reviews below of almost all of the single issues. Where I’ve missed an issue, I still read it but didn’t have the willpower to write yet another critical review of that terrible comic – but every single one is bad.

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