Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Song Everyone Should Listen To: I Figured You Out by Mary Lou Lord

This is Mary Lou Lord's cover of Elliott Smith's song I Figured You Out - and it's as amazing as Smith's rendition!

The song is already an absolutely gorgeous, bittersweet melody, easily one of Smith's best and one of his most heartfelt and beautiful tunes. In Lord's hands? It's turned into an equally gorgeous song, poppy almost, and just as haunting with Lord's exquisite voice over the incredible guitar picking.

This song is like a spring morning in the moment before the night turns to day - both hopeful and kinda dark at the same time. Cold yet warm. I love Elliott Smith's song - and his masterful songwriting is only highlighted with Lord's cover - but I urge Smith fans to also check out this brilliant version of one of his best songs.

Just incredible - you need this in your life!

Here's the video on Youtube:

I Figured You Out

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