Friday, 16 August 2013

AVX: Consequences by Kieron Gillen

Despite my feelings towards the whole AVX fiasco that Marvel subjected its readers to last year, I still picked up Consequences (albeit several months after publication) because I wanted to see how Marvel were going to deal with Cyclops. It's one thing to see dozens of characters whaling on each other, like in AVX, which becomes very tiresome and dreary, and it's something else to read about what happens once the dust settles. As such, Consequences is a far better book that AVX - but then nearly anything would have been. Some scrawlings on the side of an underpass by a deranged homeless man in his various bodily fluids would be a better read than AVX!

Cyclops winds up in prison for his crimes except it's a human prison. A maximum security prison, sure, but this is Cyclops we're talking about, former leader of the X-Men. Even in shackles and a restraining visor, the dude is dangerous and should've been put in a SHIELD prison off-world. But he gets put in a human maximum security prison in general population and, of course, winds up escaping.

Unfortunately, little else really happens in this 5-issue book! Hope tries living an ordinary life before giving up and going looking for her dad, Cable. Wolverine shows up at the prison and, predictably, yells and punches Scott. Wolverine leads a group of mutants to Wakanda to try to help out but gets turned back. That's it.

Kieron Gillen's a good writer and does the best he can with what he's given but to be honest, this postscript could've been one, maybe two, issues long instead of the five that it became. All it really does is close out AVX, bridge the gap between that Event and the re-launched Marvel NOW! All-New X-Men series. Like everything AVX related, it's minimal on story, maximum on page count, and that's just not a good approach to making great comics.

Avengers vs. X-Men: Consequences

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