Sunday, 25 August 2013

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Get Yer Hero On! by Paul Tobin Review

Presented in a pocket book format with one panel per page mini-strips featuring Marvel’s superhero and supervillain characters, Paul Tobin’s Get Yer Hero On! collects the all ages comics that appeared on

Here’s an idea of the kind of stories in this collection: Wolverine the sandwich thief. Juggernaut at the beach. Hulk working in an ice cream parlor. Doctor Doom the interior decorator.

I never read Marvel kid comics but saw this in a small pile of Marvel pocket books in a bargain basement store and snapped them up for pennies, thinking there might be one book among them that’d be worth it. And the first one I read turns out be great!

If you love these characters then you’ll love seeing them in weird everyday situations like Mole Man going to the cinema only to be irritated when Hulk sits in front of him, blocking the screen, or Modok getting a new hairdo. Sure, some of the strips aren’t that funny, but they’re all so delightful and charming that even the ones that didn’t make me laugh at least made me smile.

Reading a series of Marvel stories that takes a light and humourous tone with the material was refreshing, silly and unexpectedly entertaining. It’ll take you all of 5 minutes to read but the anime-esque illustrations and throwaway gags make it worth a look, and if you’ve got kids who like Marvel, then this is perfect for them. Even this big kid got a kick out of it, so adults can enjoy this stuff as well.

Super Hero Squad: Get Yer Hero On!

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