Sunday, 21 May 2017

Trinity, Volume 1: Better Together Review (Francis Manapul, Clay Mann)

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are the Trinity, DC’s three most popular, iconic superheroes. But mixing three great tastes doesn’t necessarily make them taste great together, as Trinity Rebirth proves. “Better Together”? Ha! 

Batman and Wonder Woman visit the new Superman’s Kansas farmstead for a getting-to-know-you dinner. BUT THEN…! Nonsense ensues meaning we have to endure re-reading each character’s well-known origins, finally ending on some convoluted, meaningless pap with a B-list villain. 

Great: a book full of origins. As if I haven’t already read enough retellings of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman’s beginnings! There’s some sort of theme of parents/kids going on here but nothing remotely clever to make it worthwhile to suss it out. I was yawning pretty much non-stop throughout this one. 

Francis Manapul’s art is a treat, especially during the Batman origin – golly, can he draw a compelling and dramatic Gotham! – but unfortunately his writing isn’t anywhere near as high quality. Manapul-ing stuff. Mayhap completely green readers who haven’t read these characters’ origins too many times before might enjoy this one but I couldn’t have been less entertained. 

The Rebirth crapfest chugs on…

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