Monday, 1 May 2017

Silver Surfer: Devolution Review (Greg Pak, Stephen Segovia)

Rarely he’ll surprise with a decent book but I usually find that Greg Pak writes near-unreadable comics and, yup, he does it again with Silver Surfpants: Drivel-ution! 

While Galactus takes a bath in our Sun for some reason, Surfpants hangs out on Earth. The High Evolutionary takes his Power Cosmic because whatever and then the fucking retard tries to terraform the moon! Also, Future Foundation because blah.

This one’s the whole package: bad action, dull characters, crap story, bland art, arbitrary love interest you couldn’t possibly give a shit about and an all-pervasive crushing sense of immense boredom. Greg Hack strikes again!

If you want to quash the urge to ever read Silver Surfpants comics again, check out the crapitude that is this book. What a load of bollocks!

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