Sunday, 7 May 2017

Deadpool: Too Soon? Review (Joshua Corin, Todd Nauck)

Marvel meets Agatha Christie in Deadpool: Too Soon? A group of Marvel characters are invited to a secluded country mansion and then one of them is murdered. It’s up to Wade to do his best Miss Marple impression and find out whodunit! 

Being an Agatha Christie fan, the premise was appealing but the book turned out to be disappointingly rubbish. After the decent opening with the victim being killed, the following investigation was dull and uninteresting full of the standard superhero punch-up drivel. It didn’t help that the Unbearable Squirrel Girl, a character I can’t stand but whom Marvel love shoving in as many titles as possible, is in this one a lot accompanying Wade as his insufferable detective sidekick. 

The “jokes”, which are just obvious pop culture references, aren’t funny and the ending is a cop-out with who the killer is and their motive - just lazy contrived rubbish. There’s also Deus Ex Machinas galore, undermining what little of the drama there was. Also included is a pointless and forgettable story from the Gwenpool Holiday Special where Deadpool goes to a Deadpool lookalike contest on Halloween. Yawn. 

The story starts well and Todd Nauck’s art is ok but Deadpool: Too Soon? is largely too shit to bother with. Who killed the cool premise? This creative team with their crap, uninspired execution!

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