Sunday, 28 May 2017

The New Avengers, Volume 1: Breakout Review (Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch)

The Avengers disassembled after House of M. Spidey rogue Electro busts out a few dozen baddies out of The Raft. Avengers reassemble - who expected THAT? Oh, right, everyone. Was it remotely entertaining to see something that’s been done a zillion times before? Surprisingly nah. 

New Avengers, Volume 1: Breakout is a super-generic superhero book. Brian Bendis throws a bunch of heroes and villains together in a Royal Rumble-esque brawl because that’s what you do when you haven’t got any ideas. 

The reason why theys all fighting is convoluted and I already forgot it as I was reading it - it doesn’t matter anyway, it’s just to get the newly reassembled Avengers to the Savage Land because David Finch wanted to draw dinosaurs, I guess. 

Unsurprisingly SHIELD are up to shady shit, again - when aren’t they? Also, Marvel’s failed, embarrassing Superman ripoff, The Sentry, makes a depressing appearance here. They really should bury that character and pretend he never was. 

Bendis’ writing and Finch’s art are both competent but the end result is dull, unmemorable and by-the-numbers. Don’t bother breaking out this volume!

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