Thursday, 19 May 2016

You Had One Job! by Beverly L. Jenkins Review

This is a collection of Twitter images from the hashtag #YouHadOneJob accompanied by “hilarious” one-liner commentary from Beverly Jenkins. 

Hold onto your sides for pages and pages of signs upside down, road lines painted weirdly, products incorrectly packaged, misprints, and labels upside down. The inflatable monkey whose tail was stuck on the front was kinda funny and I liked the misprinted Samsung ad which was meant to say “The Pen is Mightier Than the Finger” and instead said “The Penis, Mightier Than the Finger”, though I wonder if the sign had been graffitied/photoshopped. And you’ve gotta feel for the residents of FLICK DRIVE…

But a lot of the time the images are so lame. Look – an orange tic tac in a purple grape tic tac container! The word “STOP” printed on the road with an extra “S”! Someone’s written “Satan” on a coffee cup meaning someone told the barista their name was Satan and they wrote it on the cup. Uh… so? Was this really the best you could get from the internet? 

Jenkins’ commentary is so flat and unfunny too. There’s a photo of firewood in empty watermelon cardboard boxes, so someone ate the watermelons and used the boxes to store firewood in. Jenkins says “This watermelon would be great if it weren’t for all the splinters.” There’s a photo of some lighters with a pregnancy price tag in front of them – she says, “I’m no doctor, but that can’t be right.” HAHAHAHAHAHA. HA. HA. HAHAHAHA. (Brain slops out of my nose.)

I suppose the book’s not bad for browsing through while you’re waiting for your Satan coffee or on the crapper, but You Had One Job! is mostly repetitive and plain not funny. I’d recommend just going through Twitter and Instagram instead for basically the same experience minus the cost of the book.

You Had One Job!

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