Sunday, 22 May 2016

Batman/The Spirit #1 Review (Darwyn Cooke, Jeph Loeb)

Because they can get away with it I guess, the policemen of America have their convention in Hawaii - and a buncha supervillains tag along to try and blow them all up. Batman, Robin and the Spirit to the rescue! 

Batman/The Spirit #1 is a cute double-sized issue crossover from 2007 that reads like an average episode of something like The Brave and the Bold. In a similar vein to a lot of Darwyn Cooke comics it’s got this old-timey feel to it as if it’s set in the ‘50s or ‘60s with Batman and Robin wearing their classic outfits (though Harley’s in it and she was a ‘90s addition).

Cooke/Jeph Loeb (the two co-wrote with Cooke drawing) throw in a lot of the two characters’ supporting cast and it might have been too many for what’s essentially a straightforward superhero story. As it is, Batman and Spirit don’t really have any great scenes together as the focus is constantly switching to others. Batman already has Robin for the light-hearted banter contrast the Spirit brings anyway. The resolution leans on Mission: Impossible-style disguise reveals which are amusing in their corniness. 

Darwyn Cooke’s artwork is the highlight as always with fine inks from J. Bone and wonderfully lucid colours from Dave Stewart. It’s a given when talking about Cooke’s art but the comic is really that much better for what he brings to the visuals. 

Batman/The Spirit #1 is a perfectly decent crossover done-in-one comic but it’s ultimately a bit too light and unmemorable to be a must-read - fans of Cooke’s Spirit run will probably enjoy this the most.

Batman/The Spirit #1

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