Monday, 16 May 2016

Captain America, Volume 3 Review (Ed Brubaker, Patch Zircher)

Wow, these latter-day Ed Brubaker/Captain America books are garbage, aren’t they? I think this arc is supposed to be about Cap’s continued battle against Bravo and the new Hydra Queen except they’re barely in it. Instead Volume 3 is a bland story featuring even more obscure, uninteresting characters nobody cares about. 

A new Scourge (basically a less popular Crossbones) is picking off former low-ranking criminals in witness protection. Fuuucking hell, I don’t care! Here’s a good test to see if this comic will interest you or not: do you know who Dennis Dunphy or Henry Peter Gyrich are? No? Then you’ll be baffled like I was at how to feel about the “reveals” of these characters in the story and completely indifferent to the minor impact they have on Cap’s suddenly boring life! 

This character you’ve never heard of isn’t secretly this character you’ve never heard of - no, they’re really another character you’ve never heard of! Watch as they fight yet another character you’ve never heard of until Cap steps in and punches his way to victory! What a simplistic and incredibly un-engaging book. 

Both Patch Zircher (really, Patrick - “Patch”?) and Mike Deodato’s art are great but Brubaker’s really cranking out some duds on this run - The Winter Soldier seems like a long time ago, Ed!

Captain America, Volume 3

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