Sunday, 7 February 2016

Slow Graffiti by Noah van Sciver Review

Slow Graffiti is an assortment of Noah van Sciver’s random sketches and short strips and it’s as mediocre as it sounds. I quite enjoyed the short about Sarah, a 30 year old woman at Christmas who gets nagged by her mother, reminisces with her manchild older brother, and witnesses a car crash. It definitely feels as directionless as Sarah’s life appears to be! 

Van Sciver illustrates part of a Jim Woodring interview with the Comics Journal where the Frank creator talks about seeing weird creatures when he was a kid, and there’s a Twilight Zone parody about van Sciver surviving the apocalypse. Neither are that great. Nor is the deliberately cheesy werewolf story that closes out the issue but it was good to see Fante Bukowski before van Sciver gave the character that name. 

Slow Graffiti is my least favourite of Noah van Sciver’s comics so far but it’s not a bad collection of bits and pieces from the artist’s notebooks. Some are more interesting than others but mostly it's quite forgettable. 

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