Friday, 12 February 2016

Deadpool: The Ones with Deadpool Review (Gerry Duggan, Paul Scheer)

The Ones with Deadpool is the kind of book you get with really popular characters, ie. Marvel looked at the sales figures and realised Deadpool sells nearly as much as their flagship character Spider-Man and decided to put out as many comics featuring him as possible. That’s why we’ve got a book of three standalone annuals and an event tie-in none of which are very good, connected in any way or worth reading – but they sold! This volume should really be called Deadpool: Marvel Are A Business And Quality Control Doesn’t Extend To Every Title Especially The Ones We Rush Out!

A thinly-veiled SeaWorld-type place called Water World hires Deadpool to protect them from animal eco-warrior group Brute Force so they can continue mistreating their attractions. Yeah, that’s a fountain of comedy – a story heavily referencing the documentary Blackfish, a film so sad you’ll dehydrate yourself crying! The story’s full of boring OTT nonsense and reminders of the shittiness of SeaWorld. Horrible.

The Death of Wolverine tie-in sees ‘pool and Cap (who’s temporarily old because of some Rick Remender crap) looking for a knife slathered with Logan’s DNA, the thought being AIM might try to clone him with it. A completely irrelevant and dull issue. In the next story Deadpool meets another whacky character, Madcap, and they riff on nuttiness and something about the colour of caption boxes. Yawn.

The Deadpool and Spidey team-up was the only passable story (and might’ve contributed to the decision for the current Deadpool/Spider-Man series). Chameleon mindfucks Peter until he doesn’t know what’s what – luckily, Deadpool doesn’t have a mind to fuck with so he steps into the Spidey outfit to take down the villain!

Deadpool’s silliness works when there’s an actual story worth reading and it’s a background feature – when there isn’t, like in the ones collected here, and the nonsense takes centre stage, it’s just tedious. Looking for a handful of random, extremely forgettable and unfunny Deadpool stories? Look no further!

Deadpool: The Ones with Deadpool

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