Monday, 1 February 2016

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Volume 11: Flesh and Stone Review (Mike Mignola, James Harren)

So Flesh and Stone is another treading-water BPRD volume in this increasingly unimpressive Hell on Earth arc. 

Whether you care or not, Howards’ origins are revealed (he’s the dude with the sword on the cover). He’s a character who suffers from Darth Maul syndrome in that he’s got a cool weapon in lieu of a personality so it’s hard to shiv a git. He, Johann and a group of faceless BPRD agents fight more forgettable Kaiju in Nowheresville, Middle America. Wow, so exciting - never seen the BPRD do that before! Oh wait that's all they do, all the time! 

Black Flame’s stomping around NYC doing nothing, some more generic mad scientist types are conducting pointless experiments, and Director Nichayko’s gloomy (having made it this far I know how he feels!). Liz meanwhile is planting a garden and Fenix is giving her gardening tips. 

For fuck’s sake… 

Guys, you’re two volumes away from finishing Hell on Earth - is it too much to ask that you wake up and at least attempt to build up to a sort of climax? I mean, gardening - GARDENING!? Why aren’t all the characters mobilising to defeat the Kaiju menace/Black Flame/Zinco Corp. once and for all - or how about just deal with one major threat?!! Why are only some doing that while others are putzing around doing nothing. Is there no plan and if so, why not - how many volumes do you need? And, as for the ones who are doing something, are you seriously just going to have them fight one instantly forgotten Kaiju after another, the same way they’ve been doing for the last however-many-volumes - have you really got nothing else to offer!? 

Two more volumes to go in this joke of a series. Just fucking end it already. 

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, Volume 11: Flesh and Stone

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