Sunday, 28 February 2016

Nightworld, Volume 1: Midnight Sonata Review (Paolo Leandri, Adam McGovern)

Some comics attract me because of the cover (yes I am that shallow!) and some comics, after reading them, leave me still admiring the cover – and little else. So it goes with Nightworld, Volume 1: Midnight Sonata, a comic with an intriguing Abe Sapien-type character on the cover (loves ya, Abe!) with gorgeous pop-art visuals throughout and, unfortunately, a completely pants story. 

The Abe-wannabe, Plenilunio, along with fellow demons Hotspot and Hellena are vying for an artefact to lift their curses – and the Devil’s sort of involved? That’s about all I can glean from Adam McGovern’s vague and immensely boring script! 

I liked the Edgar Allan Poe/House of Usher flavour to Plenilunio’s story – he’s kind of like a vampire who’s haunted by his (dead?) lover Lidia who wanders his house like a ghost. The corny Devil character though was terribly campy while Hotspot, a sort of demonic Flash, talks like an idiot throughout. Anyone who uses words like “word”, “totes”, and “brah”, unironically or not, is a complete twat who needs to go away. 

I really loved Paolo Leandri’s pop-art/Jack Kirby-homage style with its thick lines and bright colours, even if everyone’s eyes look way too far apart! As terrible as the writing was at least the art made paging through the book pleasant. 

Unless stylized comics art is enough for you, I wouldn’t recommend Nightworld to anyone. Looks like a dream, reads like a nightmare!

Nightworld, Volume 1: Midnight Sonata

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