Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Harrow County, Volume 2: Twice Told Review (Cullen Bunn, Tyler Crook)

Didja like the first Harrow County? Then you’ll probably like the second book too. It’s more of the same southern gothic “horror” that’s kinda corny/contrived (this one part of the world sure is riddled with magical creatures!) and not-at-all scary but it’s drawn nice. That’s one thing I took away from this second volume: a deeper appreciation for Tyler Crook’s art, though I liked Cullen Bunn’s writing less this time around. 

The story’s predictable in that Emmy’s twin sister Kammi turns out to be evil purely because she’s always smiling an evil smile (also evil twin = originality!). It’s that lame. Kammi the evil twin tries to turn the various supernatural creatures of the county against Emmy when the whole time I was just waiting for the inevitable showdown between the two that, predictably, happens (guess who wins? Yup!). I suppose this was Bunn trying to set up an antagonist for Emmy but it doesn’t work as Kammi has no staying power. 

The story has nothing else of note and even the “Tales of Harrow County” backups felt lacklustre this time around; Tyler Crook scripts these and illustrates a few too - so many artists can’t write well! But I have to hand it to Crook for some fine work in this book. It may not be terrifying but the story looks admirably pretty thanks to his painted art. 

Though I wasn’t crazy about the first volume, I was hoping the second volume, usually the time when the creators have settled in a bit, would win me over but it’s just put me off the series entirely. Twice Told is a dull second arc in this increasingly uninteresting southern gothic series. 

Kudos to Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook - Syfy is developing Harrow County into a TV show! However, given that it’s a horror set at a farm, expect it to be the second season of The Walking Dead all the damn time - barf! Hey, Emmy even kinda looks like Sophia…

Harrow County, Volume 2: Twice Told

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