Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Clown Fatale Review (Victor Gischler, Maurizio Rosenzweig)

Remember the Grindhouse fad from roughly ten years ago? Someone needed to have told Victor Gischler that Grindhouse-style “homages” are over now. That’s what makes Clown Fatale so boring, because Gischler uses “because Grindhouse!” as a constant excuse for lazy writing and a cliché-ridden script.

Why are four scantily-clad ladies circus clowns for kids? Grindhouse! Excessive T&A? Grindhouse! How do these four women get stupidly mistaken for professional hitmen? Grindhouse! How do they instantly become badass assassins who can take out Mexican sicarios and Russian hitmen despite having no training or experience? Grindhouse! There’s a quiet ninja-type Asian chick – Grindhouse! Gratuitous violence? Grindhouse!

It may be intentionally crap because that’s the "Grindhouse style” - but it’s still crap. Clown Fatale is a joyless celebration of dumb garbage drowned in its own irony.

Clown Fatale

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