Friday, 25 December 2015

Dragon Puncher by James Kochalka Review

Dragon Puncher is a grumpy cat in a battle suit that punches dragons. He meets Spoony-E, a baby-faced chap with a wooden spoon, and the two team-up to battle a gigantic James Kochalka-faced dragon.

So obviously this is a kid’s book but a number of Kochalka’s comics could be called that and still turned out to be surprisingly good, like Monkey Vs Robot, Pinky & Stinky (the pig astronauts) and Peanutbutter & Jeremy (about a cat and a bird who're chums). Dragon Puncher though wasn’t that great. The two characters banter annoyingly before defeating the dragon – the end. 

For this book Kochalka incorporates photos into his artwork so his cat Spandy is the Dragon Puncher, his son Oliver is Spoony-E and the artist himself is the evil Dragon. The backgrounds too are real world – some meadow/garden somewhere. 

Maybe kids will get a kick out of this one but there’s nothing here for Kochalka’s older readers.

Dragon Puncher

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