Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Sixth Gun, Volume 6: Ghost Dance Review (Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt)

Collapsing after her spiritual attack on the widow Hume, Becky must go on a perilous vision quest to reclaim part of herself. On her journey, minus a spirit guide, she witnesses the various incarnations of the Six Guns through time and the possibilities of what the world might be should all Six be reunited. But demonic Skinwalkers sent by the widow Hume pursue her in the spirit realm and it’s up to Gord, Asher, Kirby and some new friends to help Becky out by destroying the earthly hosts of the Skinwalkers. Even Becky finds herself teaming up with the unlikeliest of allies to survive. 

Like the last volume, Ghost Dance feels like more filler as the new baddies teased at the end of Vol 5 remain off the page and in the shadowy background and half the cast remain static, but unlike the last volume, Ghost Dance is a much more entertaining read – so much so that you don’t mind the feeling that the story is continuing to slow. 

Becky’s time-travelling adventure is interesting as the weird Six go from being axes wielded by primitive man to knights’ swords to the six-shooters of the old west, and Gord and co.’s attack on the black magic Indian cult was exciting. The overall plot of the series doesn’t advance much though with more hints that Becky is some kind of force for evil than good, and the Six Guns’ full power remains partially shrouded. 

Brian Hurtt’s art continues to impress – the Sixth Gun is nothing if not a gorgeous comic – and the dramatic stormy night battle scene was particularly eye-catching. Cullen Bunn’s writing is also of his usual high standard with Kirby developing more into a likeable character, despite his backstabbing inclinations, and the twist at the end is pretty unexpected. 

Ghost Dance is an irresistibly fun adventure in the Sixth Gun series that fans will thoroughly enjoy – I sure did!

The Sixth Gun Volume 6: Ghost Dance TP

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