Friday, 4 April 2014

Avengers Arena, Volume 3: Boss Level Review (Dennis Hopeless, Christos Gage)

Avengers Arena started out with the promise of bloodshed and violence amongst Marvel’s teen heroes in a Hunger Games-style setting, and that could’ve been an ok series - not great, but ok. Instead it’s been a total letdown as Dennis Hopeless opted instead to try and make readers care about these “characters” by portraying instead tedious teen drama with superpowers. I read the third and final volume only because I wanted to see if he’d at least kill off a bunch of characters and maybe even Arcade, but nope, Hopeless failed to even live up to the basic premise! 

This series might mean something to someone who’s familiar with Avengers Academy and Runaways, but because I have no experience with either title, I’ve never given a damn about any of these kids. So, besides X-23 and the bizarrely named Anachronism, I can’t remember any of the characters names and won’t even try. 

Emo sweater boy turns into a monster which means bland and boring girls and boys have to fight him which eats up a bunch of pages. Then some robot monsters and weather stuff gets thrown at them which eats up some more pages. Then something happens to someone, someone cries for some reason - I think that was the “emotional”, “intense” and “powerful” ending? - the baddie gets away, and everyone is saved. If this review sounds lazy, I'm only matching the energy I got from this book.

Now I realise I’ve made it sound amazing with that description but it’s even worse. I ended up speed-reading the final half just to get it over with rather than endure the laughable “drama” of Anachronism (ironically the only character I think I got to know - the others were the anachronisms) and his cohorts as they blubbered about how their lives are ruined or whatever. 

Avengers Arena: one big boring letdown of a book. Oh, I thought of one good thing - it's over!

Avengers Arena Volume 3: Boss Level (Marvel Now)

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