Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Sixth Gun, Volume 5: Winter Wolves Review (Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt)

Drake and Becky are looking for a tracker to help them find the evil witch, Missy Hume, and accidentally stumble into a winter realm where they are hunted by a dangerous woodland spirit: the Wendigo. Meanwhile, in his search for Drake and Becky, Gord makes some unlikely allies in Kirby Hale and Asher Cobb - but the Sword of Abraham is hot on their heels. 

I’ll just come right out and say it: filler. That’s what Book 5: Winter Wolves reads like. The Sixth Gun’s story is excellent - six enchanted guns which, when united, allows the wielder, good or bad, to remake the world their way - and I love the colourful cast of rogues, bandits, witches, golems and mummies against the romantic frontier days of the wild west. But the story of Becky and co’s mission to defeat the widow Hume is put on hold for this book while the two putter around Narnia slowly figuring out how to defeat the Wendigo, and Gord and the others run in circles. 

It’s still written well by Cullen Bunn and there are flashes of brilliance like when we find out about Drake’s past and his last encounter with a Wendigo, and Brian Hurtt’s artwork is as gorgeous as ever, but for me the book didn’t come to life until the final chapter when Becky takes the fight to Missy Hume single-handedly. 

The Winter Wolves storyline isn’t bad but I’d have preferred it to be a done-in-one or two story rather than pad out an entire book - the story doesn’t hit the high gears until the final few pages with the reveal of some new characters and an exciting new direction for the next book. I’m looking forward to the sixth book but the fifth one felt like a bit of a wash - the first time the series has been less than brilliant!

The Sixth Gun Volume 5 TP

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