Friday, 4 April 2014

A is for Antichrist: Obama's Conspiracy Alphabet Review (Rick Geary)

Since President Obama took office there’ve been lots of nasty, vicious rumours about him both personally and professionally, some that are quite funny - and none that are true. Rick Geary collects together the most notable in alphabet form in A is for Antichrist: Obama’s Conspiracy Alphabet. 

Most people will be familiar with some of the lies spread about Obama - he’s a secret Communist Muslim Antichrist from Kenya who forged his birth certificate - but some are really off the beaten track. The bizarre rumours include that he’s ordered FEMA to organise concentration camps to keep anyone who opposes him down, that he murdered his grandmother and Andrew Breitbart who found out “truths” about him, and that he had plastic surgery to look less black.

Some of the rumours are clearly aimed at right wing gun-nuts like that he staged the Newtown massacre to tighten gun regulations and has special Viper teams ready to take away civilians’ guns at a moments notice. 

The less ugly rumours are just funny: he’s the great lizard overlord as foretold in the Bible; he uses mass hypnotism to get people to vote for him; he’s the son of Malcolm X; and he used a top secret machine to bring about Hurricane Sandy! Geary illustrates each satirical point beautifully on full pages in colour and in his signature style. 

This is a book that I backed on Kickstarter once I saw some of the rewards. I’ve been a Geary fan for years and the opportunity to own original art, sketches, and other things including the book were too good to pass up so I jumped on board to get the book published. It’s a really nicely produced book and the original sketch of Antichrist Obama on the inside page is awesome! 

Here’s hoping Geary’s able to sell A is for Antichrist to a publisher to get this entertaining book out into the mainstream!

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