Thursday, 7 February 2019

Inuyashiki, Volume 2 by Hiroya Oku Review

After a meh first volume, the series starts getting interesting as a nemesis for our titular hero is introduced: Shishigami, a sociopathic high schooler with the same crazy machine superpowers as Inuyashiki - only he uses them for evil, not good! 

There’s not a whole lot to this book beyond more table-setting - Inuyashiki continuing to figure out his powers, reluctantly getting used to his unlikely role of superhero, while Shishigami is doing the opposite as the supervillain of this story - though there is the extra-long, disturbing murder of an entire family by Shishigami. It’s grim but it’s compelling. 

It’s not totally clear why Shishigami goes immediately so over-the-top evil with his powers - I guess he was always sociopathic? - and the book, like the super-slick art, is a shallow, generic superhero comic bursting with shameless power fantasy wish fulfilment. I still found it fairly entertaining though and I do want to see what happens next - so, yup, Inuyashiki, Volume 2 wasn’t bad!

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