Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost Review (Charles Soule, David Marquez)

Me dudes, get ready to pick your jaws up off the floor: y’know the most recent time Wolverine died? TURNS OUT HE DIDN’T REALLY DIE! I know, what a shocker! Marvel killed off one of its most popular characters - what a bold choice BUT NOT REALLY WHAAAAA

So Wolverine died after being encased in adamantium - except turns out he’s not really in the adamantium turd. So where Wolverine? Daredevil want to know. Because reason book exist. And he’s joined by D-listers Misty Knight, Cypher and some Inhuman cop to find out zzz…. 

I should’ve known better. It’s 2019 Marvel/Charles Soule so it’s utter gobshite from start to finish. Weapon Lost is a pointless, unexciting non-story about a ridiculous event that was never interesting in the first place. And there are four other fucking “Hunt For Wolverine” books! Marvel are desperately milking what few fans they’ve got left after droves of more casual comics fans have rightfully abandoned them for producing unreadable rubbish like this. 

I guess it’s skilful of the (laughably un-)creative team to fill up five issues with words and pitchers despite the total absence of anything substantive to this dross, but that don’t make it worth reading! Avoid Weapon Lost and anything else tied into this pitiful storyline - I’d say just read the main event to see how Wolverine’s resurrected or whatever but that’s probably equally as bad. Thanks Marvel!

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