Thursday, 22 October 2015

Secret Wars #3 Review (Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic)

There he is, there’s the lil bugger Miles Morales, stowing away on Thanos’ ship – and another ship survived carrying lots of 616 characters too! ‘rayyyy! 

Those are the only major things that happen in this issue which is otherwise chock-full of blah exposition. Doom and Strange talk affairs of state (yawn), Doom and Sue talk about their relationship (and we see Doom without his mask – ulk!), and Strange reveals how Battleworld came about. I prefer dialogue to superhero action but not when the dialogue is this dry and abstractly dull. 

While this is the shortest issue so far at 28 pages (#1 was 58 pages and #2 was 50 pages), it feels about the same length as the previous two because of the slow-moving non-story and barrage of dialogue. Doom is unfortunately coming off as quite boring and insecure but then no one character so far has really shone. Strange’s explanation of Battleworld’s creation is just plain confusing too (something to do with time-warps and stasis?). 

The Thors continue their investigation, tracking down Thanos and his posse – aaaand, that’s basically it. Three issues in and Secret Wars hasn’t caught fire yet. Hmm. Guess Hickman’s all tuckered-out after that action-packed first issue? For a place called Battleworld, it’s pretty sleepy! Hopefully interesting things will start to happen in the next ish.

Secret Wars #3

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