Monday, 12 October 2015

KFC: The Colonel of Two Worlds #1 Review (Tony Bedard, Tom Derenick)

KFC teams up with DC to bring us a comic in the style of The Flash of Two Worlds: The Colonel of Two Worlds. An evil Colonel Sanders from Earth-3 (the place the Crime Syndicate recently pooped out of in Forever Evil) arrives on Earth-Prime and undermines the real Colonel’s rep by serving sub-standard fried chicken - let’s get ready to ruuuuumble(guts)! 

It sounds like a joke but this is an actual comic. Not sure what KFC is doing pairing up with DC - maybe there’s a deal between the two for next year’s double whammy of DC movies? The Suicide Squad box meal is on its way with Killer Croc corn! 

Writer Tony Bedard’s, ahem, “story” is basically an illustrated advert for KFC, reminding us that only quality food is served in their restaurants (I know, I laughed too), made The Hard Way. Flash and Green Lantern hover in the background, along with Captain Cold and Mirror Master, as the two Colonels “batter” each other, yukyuk. Guess which Colonel wins when one “chickens” out? AHAHAHA! 

In between the corporate-approved chatter, one panel didn’t make sense: Colonel Sunder calls out to Cold, “Why aren’t you fighting?” who says “Even I know a Colonel outranks a Captain” - so… why wasn’t he following his orders if he’s subordinate? But that’s Tony Bedard for you, the guy is suck. 

Tom Derenick’s art is recognisably DC house style meaning everyone’s rippling muscle and contorted faces, rendered in forgettably bland/inoffensive visuals. But that’s fine for a free comic, I wasn’t expecting anything interesting and nothing in that vein was offered! 

The Colonel of Two Worlds is a junk comic about junk food - I wouldn’t recommend it in the same way I wouldn’t recommend KFC’s meals but both companies have enough customers who enjoy their crap products to make them very popular. 

If you feel like making yourself queasy, the comic is available for free over at Comixology now:

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