Saturday, 18 July 2015

Recorder and Randsell, Volume 1 by Meme Higashiya Review

Atsumi is a high school sophomore but her short height makes everyone thinks she's a much younger kid. Atsushi is a fifth grader with the body of a grown man but of course his mind is much younger. These two always get mixed up and their everyday misunderstandings will warm readers’ hearts! 

Misunderstandings like: Atsushi getting arrested by police when walking home with his older sister because to them it looks like a grown man making off with a kid! Get ready to laugh just like you did then over and over because this joke is repeated every five pages or less! 

Atsushi’s also kind of retarded even for his age so it’s “hilarious” to see this “grown man” being taken advantage of by his shorter peers. And then of course he gets arrested again because it looks like he’s a pedophile hanging around a school playing with kids! There are more misunderstandings - and police arrests - to mention but I’m not sure my sides could take it! 

Sigh… yeah, it’s a one joke comic that drags on for 120 pages. Goddamit Netgalley, you used to put up good manga! Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as that book about a dog in a school uniform. And like Shiba Inuko-San, the layout is weird where instead of going left to right, you’re reading left down then right down. Awful, confusing layout! 

Actually I did laugh a couple times. Heh, y’see he’s a kid BUT EVERYONE THINKS HE’S A PEDOPHILE AHAHAHAHA! Oh, classic… 

He plays the recorder a few times. I have no idea who or what Randsell is but at the end of the book the title “Recorder and Satchel” appears so maybe Randsell is romaji for satchel? It’s a crap title but I guess “Kid Pedo” wouldn’t fly...

This is also somehow a TV show. What the hell is going on in Japan!?!

Recorder and Randsell, Volume 1

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