Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Graveyard Shift Review (Jay Faerber, Fran Bueno)

The generic title – “Graveyard Shift” – is appropriate for such a bland vampire story. Liam, a homicide detective, is in love with Hope, his artist girlfriend. Then she gets bitten by a vampire! Will love triumph over all? Fart.

All the clich├ęs of the well-worn vampire sub-genre are here: sunlight, crosses, and holy water all hurt them. There’s a head vampire who, like McDonald’s, is busy setting up new (franchises) vampires everywhere, and, when Hope turns, a female medium is brought in to explain the supernatural happenings. The vampires have super-strength and turn to dust when staked. It doesn’t help that the love’n’vampires angle reminds me of Twilight either. This comic should be called Every Vampire Story Ever!

There’s really nothing else to this comic – it’s full of stock characters and bad story. Liam and Hope figure out their new relationship and, despite being a homicide detective, Liam’s pretty quick to understand his hot girlfriend has to kill others to stay alive. Whatever he needs to keep getting laid, I guess - bewbs! Later they fight the head vampire who of course looks all snarly and animalistic like all vampires have to when they fight for some reason.

Fran Bueno’s covers look a lot like Jae Lee’s, which were the only positive aspect of the comic. The interior art’s not bad either, but nothing amazing. I’m surprised the guy who gave us the sci-fi/western Copperhead wrote this boring, unimaginative story. Good vampire comics continue to be a rarity. If you’re looking for one, the recent Morbius, The Living Vampire book from Marvel was ok – give that a shot over this rubbish instead!

Graveyard Shift

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