Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The New Ghost by Rob Hunter Review

A ghost on his first day as a ghost gets separated from the other ghosts floating across the sky. On Earth, he befriends an astronomer before witnessing what looks like an abduction by the other ghosts - and now they’re after him and his astronomer friend! 

Robert Hunter’s sweetly surreal comic is an inventive, fable-like story that continuously usurps the readers’ expectations on where it’s headed, managing to keep the reader engaged the whole way through. The book also makes ghosts seem more interesting as a result - rather than wandering aimlessly through castles or manor houses forever, Hunter gives them a far better purpose and a more exciting afterlife. 

Though brief at 24 pages - and really more of a single issue comic than a trade paperback/graphic novel - it’s a satisfying read with Hunter displaying a strong understanding of how to tell a story as a comic. Using different sized panels, the story flows very naturally with the text and pictures complementing each other nicely. 

I’m not sure I would say the story leaves much of an impression, especially due to its brevity, but if nothing else The New Ghost shows the potential of this writer/artist who could well go on to create something more substantial and powerful in the future. For now though, The New Ghost is a promising beginning and a decent comic.

The New Ghost

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